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You can Complete your Prospective Tenant Details on this page. Your completed form will be emailed to Dragon Property. Please Select

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If you encounter problems using this form, you can print it from your web browser, complete and post it to Dragon Property  (call us for address)

Highlighted Questions must be completed. If there is information you do not currently have, make an obvious dummy entry and add an explanation in the Notes at the end. You can email it later.

Professional Application to Dragon Property

Warning Information given on this form will be relied on for granting a tenancy. Providing false information may constitute grounds for a possession order against you.

For a Joint Tenancy, Each person must complete this form

I would like to Let   From 

Type of agreement   Joint Tenancy       Single Person Tenancy 

Length of Contract  (min 6 max 12 months)     

Full name  Prefer to be Called

Date of Birth        dd/mm/yyyy          UK National Ins Number  

Email Address 
Employer Address/Phone
Monthly Salary
Passport Number
Bank Name and Address
Sort Code & LAST 4 DIGITS of Account No
Bank account no. and sort code helps us identify any future Standing Order or Transferred payment. If you are sending a cheque , Enter "xxxxxx" as we can read details on the cheque
Current Address
Time Here in Months    Currently Living 
If at your current address for less than 3 years.  

Please give Previous Address where you stayed the longest during the last 3 years, preferably where you have been on the electoral roll.

Current or Most Recent Landlord if you have rented in the UK

Name, Address, Postcode, E-mail and/or Phone Number


I have read and Dragon Properties Terms and Conditions . I Understand that I am applying for a (Joint) Assured Shorthold Tenancy, that a Deposit will be payable when Contracts are signed. 

I consent to Dragon Properties making checks on the supplied information, making a credit check, contacting my Employer (and previous Landlord) and asking for references .

I Accept              I Don't Accept   

A Non RefundableTenancy Admin Fee of 75 for a single person tenancy or 50 per person for joint tenancies  (to cover the taking of references, guarantees, credit checks, drawing up agreements and registering deposits, making inventories and checking you in and out of the house) must be paid before this application is processed and the house is reserved for you. Cheques are payable to Dragon Property.

Tenancy Admin Fee  75 (Single) or 50 (Joint)  .         Is Already Paid    
Cheque Sent by Post       Will Pay  in Cash        Transfer - Internet Banking  
Other People on Joint Tenancy

Names Are ----->
or write "None"


     NOTES  -  Any Additional Information you wish to add...........



Before clicking SUBMIT, use <control>P to make 2 prints of this form.

When you click Submit, you will first see a confirmation page
(from our tools provider BRAVENET, plus a few little ads of theirs) summarising the information you have entered. 

YOU MUST GO TO THE END OF THE Confirmation PAGE AND "CONTINUE" THE SUBMIT before your entries are mailed to us. You will then be told that your information is submitted. PLEASE scroll down to the end of that page (past a few more ads - sorry but it keeps our costs down), and "return to our website" to complete your application.

When your application form arrives in our mailbox, an automatic reply will acknowledge it to confirm that you entered a valid email address and that the Forms service is working correctly. Usually within just a few minutes. If you do not get a reply within 12 hours please resubmit the form or phone us. 






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